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Building Supplies

Building Supplies

We have a huge range of building supplies including:

  • Reinforcing Mesh
  • Treated Pine Sleepers
  • Galvanized Retaining Wall Posts
  • Drainage and Pipes
  • Jarrah Edging
  • Concrete Colour and Sealers
  • Concrete Stumps
  • Concrete Slabs / Pavers
  • Concrete Sleepers.
  • Formatube
  • Retaining Wall


Retaining Wall Systems - Tetrawal

We supply Tetrawal Retaining Wall Systems that give you the quickest and most flexible way to get your retaining wall up quickly. With 'H' Section, End Section, 45degree and 90 degree post options, you can handle any retaining wall need. Give us a call or view the Tetralwal Brochure here

Weepholes that work - Bushfire Vents

Weepa Fire Rated (Bushfire) Weepholes
Here at Sarre's Building and Garden Supplies, we're proud to be able to offer the latest in building supplies such as bushfire vents, the easiest and most effective way to create weepholes in brickwork and rendered masonry, that not only look good, but keep out sparks and embers. Come in and see them for yourself.

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